• Alonso Supermarket - Delhaize

    Alonso Supermarket Belgrade New line of equipment

    Completly new line of equipment with emphasized natural enterier elements and coverings. We have equiped zones for bakery, fruit and vegetable, products in bulk, healthy food and wine. Mobile elemets from wine zone and carts line, that are suitable for related purchases, are implemented in this concept.

  • TEMPO Vracar - Info pult

    TEMPO Vračar Hypermarket equiped for Delhaize

    In November 2013 Speccon equipped Tempo Vračar in Belgrade. Equipment was adjusted in size and functional solutions to format of hypermarket. Emphasize was put on multifunctional info desk with cases for costumer bags and gift shop segment that stud up among other equipment in design and lighting.

  • TEMPO Ada - Hypermarket

    Tempo Ada Hypermarket equiped for Delhaize

    Speccon equipped Tempo Ada in Belgrade. Design and functional solutions of equipment are adjusted for hypermarket format with high display capacities for items.

  • TEMPO Ada - Hypermarket

    IDEA Hot cabinets line

    We have equipped bakery zone with Fusion hot cabinets for pastry and shelves for cross merchandising. Speccon sector for technical development designed Fusion hot cabinets that integrated sustainable design with advanced, energy-efficient, environmental friendly technology.